Community History

The community of Birch Narrows has existed in this territory since time immemorial.

The Cree and Dene wanted to establish a Treaty with the government to ensure that their access to hunting, trapping, and fishing areas would be protected as more non Aboriginal people moved into the area. Treaty 10 is unique in the fact that they were not looking for a new way of life but wanted their traditional way of life unchanged in the face of European
settlement and mineral exploration.

Birch Narrows is a signatory to Treaty 10 which was signed on August 28, 1906 at Ile-a-la-Cross, Saskatchewan by Chief Raphael Redshildkze along with 45 members to establish the Clear Lake Band. On September 17, 1906, 110 Clear Lake members gathered in Buffalo Narrows, Saskatchewan and were signed into Treaty (159 members total). In 1965, most Clear Lake members relocated to Turnor Lake, English River and Buffalo River. In 1972, Turnor Lake had a population of 150 members and was recognized by Canada as Turnor Lake Band. In 1990 the Turnor Lake Band changed its name to Birch Narrows Dene Nation.

Right Side: Chief Raphael Campbell- Peter Pond Lake Band 1937-1940.

Chief Alexander Campbell- Peter Pond Lake Band 1940-1972


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